Catholic Charities of Idaho

Catholic Charities of Idaho is the social service arm of the Catholic Church in Idaho. We promote human dignity and the common good by improving lives and advancing financial and emotional well-being.  ​ ​​​CCI provides a variety of se...

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About Catholic Charities of Idaho

About Us About Us
About Us About Us
Catholic Charities of Idaho is the social service arm of the Catholic Church in Idaho. We promote human dignity and the common good by improving lives and advancing financial and emotional well-being. 

​​​CCI provides a variety of services to all people regardless of religion, age, gender, disability, race/ethnicity, income or background.

CCI offers strength-based and solution-oriented services, including educational and skill-building services, family-focused counseling, immigration legal services, financial wellness and asset building opportunities, youth support,  case management, and resource referral services.

​Our providers are committed to best practice standards that are innovative, transformative and achieve positive and lasting outcomes. 

Counseling Services

Counseling services address emotional and behavioral difficulties that can negatively impact people’s lives. Counseling is available for adults and children in a ​variety of forms, including individual, family, couple and group sessions, all designed to help with life’s many difficulties. Counseling services are provided at both the Boise and Idaho Falls offices, and certified e-Counseling services (online counseling) can be arranged for Idaho residents who cannot come into the office. CCI can assist clients in making positive life changes. Our counselors use reputable theories and techniques to provide services tailored to fit individual client needs. Clients play an integral part in creating personal goals, and CCI counselors draw upon an individual’s strengths and capabilities to attain these goals.
Immigration Legal Services

Catholic Charities of Idaho is one of the only Department of Justice (DOJ) accredited non-profit organizations in Idaho providing low-cost immigration legal services to individuals eligible to receive immigration benefits. CCI provides legal consultations and assistance regarding most immigration matters including citizenship, family petitions, and applications for victims of certain qualifying crimes such as domestic violence. Services include consultations to determine eligibility or to review case status and if eligible, the preparation and submission of specific petitions to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). CCI provides DOJ accredited staff and attorneys to aid in this process. ​Citizenship classes are offered frequently to teach immigrants the information they need to know about the US and its customs, to pass the citizenship interview and exam.​ Services are offered in English and Spanish, and any other language with an interpreter present.

Case Management and Crisis Intervention Services

CCI helps individuals and families who find themselves in serious crisis. Professional social workers meet with clients and discuss major aspects of their lives, and work with them to create a plan that leverages the client's unique strengths and helps them overcome obstacles. Our Case Management work focuses on five specific areas: Financial Well Being, Housing, Parenting/Family Relationships, Emotional and Physical Health, and Social Connections.

Youth Mentoring

Our youth support services are focusing on the evidenced-based mentoring program: To reduce high-risk behaviors leading to juvenile delinquency in youth ages 9-17 through one on one and group-based mentoring activities. We provide support by building assets in high-risk youth to increase positive youth behaviors such as improved attendance at school or involvement in community activities to strengthen gang resistance skills, improve school achievement and promote healthy relationships. We work to prevent youth involvement in the juvenile justice system by building a positive sense of self and community.

Resource Referrals

CCI provides accurate and timely information to individuals and families seeking help for any type of human service need. Services are often provided in multiple languages. Where we are not able to serve a client's needs, we utilize our extensive contacts within the community and refer them to another agency that can help.
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